• 27 photos 101930 sq ft

    Paved Road, Easy to Access with Beautiful Views $ 10,999.00

    Check out this beautiful property in Teller County. It’s so easy to access by paved road. As you can see in the map it is located in the side of Colorado State Highway 67. Be amaze to the panoramic mountain views in the area. Enjoy the great view while driving to nearby cities of Florissant…

    27 photos 101930 sq ft
  • 21 photos 3.07 acres

    SOLD – An Affordable 3.07-Acres Property Available in Teller County, CO! $ 14,997.00

    An affordable property in Teller County, Colorado with 3.07-acres is now available. It has an easy access to paved roads and it is a residential property. The power line is just 4 minutes from the area and you can get water through water catchment, well or by delivery. The Cresson Elementary School is the nearest school with…

    21 photos 3.07 acres
  • 11 photos 290545 sq ft

    Easy Access to this Cozy Land in Milford, Utah: Your Best Kind of Refuge! $ 2,999.00

    Commercial Agricultural Vacant land for sale in Millard County, UT. 6.67 acres. Less than 3hrs from Salt Lake City and less than 4hrs from Las Vegas, Nevada. This lot in Millard County, UT, is 19 miles southeast of the historic Cove Fort, which the prophet Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley and his family to come…

    11 photos 290545 sq ft