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  • 35 photos 5.78 acres

    Build Your Countryside Retreat on 5.78 Acres of Colorado Land $ 3,250.00

    If you’re looking for the perfect place to live every day to the fullest, then this 5.78-acre lot in Costilla County, Colorado is ready for you! Practically untouched and with all of its untapped potential, you decide how to design your dream property. Feeling ready to get out and explore the land? You can surf…

    35 photos 5.78 acres
  • 42 photos 0.48 acres

    Build Your Cozy Cabin in Beautiful Teller County, CO $ 9,497.00

    It’s your time to thrive! Whether you’re looking for a short or long-term investment, this 0.48-acre property is the perfect opportunity to make your landowner dreams come true! Mature trees, breathtaking views, and excellent road access are just a few perks that come from owning this prime Colorado property. Choose to build your dream home…

    42 photos 0.48 acres
  • 34 photos 5.56 acres

    5.56 Acres of Blue Skies and Wide-Open Spaces in Costilla County, CO $ 5,699.00

    Take a look at this 5.56-acre property of untapped potential! Whether you choose to build that dream home you’ve always wanted or create the perfect vacation destination, this location has it all. Enjoy the blue Colorado skies and wide-open spaces from your own backyard or visit one of the many exciting adventure spots within an…

    34 photos 5.56 acres
  • 33 photos 11.81 acres

    Double the Adventure with Adjoining Lots in Costilla County, CO $ 8,099.00

    Located near the rural town of Fort Garland, Colorado, this 11.81-acre listing is full of possibilities! With wide-open spaces and blue sky as far as the eye can see, it’s the perfect place to cultivate creativity or find your fresh start. You can choose to spend the day painting the picturesque landscape and photographing the…

    33 photos 11.81 acres
  • 31 photos 0.6 acres

    Experience Nature’s True Beauty in Teller County, CO. $ 9,699.00

    There’s something special about a day well spent in the great outdoors, especially in beautiful Colorado! With this 0.6-acre lot located in Teller County, you will find an abundance of tall trees, fresh mountain air, and elegant wildlife all around. Just a short drive from the property and you can also enjoy hiking through the…

    31 photos 0.6 acres
  • 32 photos 5 acres

    Escape to the Wilderness with this 5-Acre Lot in Fort Garland, CO $ 4,200.00

    This 5-acre lot in Costilla County, CO is an adventure lover’s dream, located just 40 minutes from the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Whether you plan to make this property your permanent home or a vacation destination, you can experience year-round excitement with your friends and family! Surf the sandy hills by sandboarding and sand…

    32 photos 5 acres
  • 42 photos 5.05 acres

    5 Acres Mountain Ridge, Trees & Great Views! $ 7,999.00

    Located in Costilla County, this 5-acre Colorado property is perfect for year-round family fun! Not only does it include shady trees and mountain ridge views, this property is within an hour’s drive of Mountain Home Reservoir, the Great Sand Dunes, San Luis, and Alamosa. For even more all-season fun, the Red River Ski and Summer…

    42 photos 5.05 acres
  • 35 photos 15.37 acres

    15 acres 3 adjoining lots zoned residential! $ 8,999.00

    The perfect land that you have been looking for. Gorgeous environment. The property offers gorgeous views and sights of the Mountains. Ample privacy from neighbors. This is a beautiful property. Very accessible because the roads are maintained. Taxes are paid, title is free and clear; ready to be transferred over to you. Cash Price: $8,999…

    35 photos 15.37 acres
  • 30 photos 5.06 acres

    5.06 acres 300mts Away From The River R.G.R.! $ 4,997.00

    This property boasts a perfect combination of features. While serene and private, is it only a short distance from the highway along a well-maintained road.All the pictures were taken on the property itself, go through them and you will see the property outline, measurements, gps coordinates for each corner and the Rio Grande River just…

    30 photos 5.06 acres
  • 61 photos 5.02 acres

    A Tranquil 5.02 Acres of Land in Costilla County, Colorado. $ 6,897.00

    Do you want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and live in a quiet place? Then, you’re looking at the right property as this beautiful vacant lot can be yours! Whether you want to spend some peaceful time with family, friends, by yourself or maybe you want…

    61 photos 5.02 acres
  • 57 photos 35.16 acres

    35.16 Acres in San Luis, CO. Excellently located near the beautiful Sanchez Reservoir! $ 18,699.00

    Make your living light! Enjoy this peaceful location right off of Elk Park Road in San Luis, Colorado. Whether you’re looking for a short or long-term investment, this Costilla County property would make the perfect fit. Only a 40-minute drive from San Luis, where you can find grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and more. Even…

    57 photos 35.16 acres
  • 52 photos 5.06 acres

    Beautiful property near Sanchez Reservoir! $ 9,899.00

    Experience the beauty of Colorado when you settle in this sublime parcel located Fremont Dr, San Luis – Colorado. This parcel is only 10.4 miles away from the center of San Luis. The feeling of freedom you get when driving on a beautiful day in Colorado is amazing. A state full of gorgeous scenery and…

    52 photos 5.06 acres
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