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  • 19 photos 35.16 acres

    35.16 acres Property in San Luis, CO! $ 16,997.00

    Make your living light! Considering that you’re living in a peaceful location. This is Costilla County, Colorado is all for you to start your dreams. A merely perfect property fit for a short to long-term investment is for sale at Elk Park Rd, San Luis, CO. It has good road access and electricity near the area….

    19 photos 35.16 acres
  • 20 photos 3.07 acres

    SOLD – An Affordable 3.07-Acres Property Available in Teller County, CO! $ 14,997.00

    An affordable property in Teller County, Colorado with 3.07-acres is now available. It has an easy access to paved roads and it is a residential property. The power line is just 4 minutes from the area and you can get water through water catchment, well or by delivery. The Cresson Elementary School is the nearest school with…

    20 photos 3.07 acres
  • 14 photos 5.18 acres

    5.18 Acre Lot with Lots of Trees and Easy Access Road – Own it Now! $ 10,999.00

    Description: See the beauty of the place in this 5.179 Acres of land for sale in Costilla County, Colorado! Breathtaking view with brush and wide open spaces and Lots of trees. This subject property is in front of Bronfman Rd which is located on the East part of  Fort Garland, Colorado. This property is 15 miles…

    14 photos 5.18 acres
  • 27 photos 101930 sq ft

    Paved Road, Easy to Access with Beautiful Views $ 10,999.00

    Check out this beautiful property in Teller County. It’s so easy to access by paved road. As you can see in the map it is located in the side of Colorado State Highway 67. Be amaze to the panoramic mountain views in the area. Enjoy the great view while driving to nearby cities of Florissant…

    27 photos 101930 sq ft
  • 25 photos 5.06 acres

    Beautiful property near in Sanchez Reservoir! $ 8,997.00

    Experience the beauty of Colorado when you settle in this sublime parcel located 7545 Pikes Trail, San Luis. This parcel is only 10.4 miles away from the center of San Luis. The feeling of freedom you get when driving on a beautiful day in Colorado is amazing. We’re a state full of gorgeous scenery and…

    25 photos 5.06 acres
  • 13 photos 21344 sq ft

    Easy Access to this Property in Teller County, CO! $ 6,999.00

    Drive up and own this beautiful property located in the County of Teller. The town of Florissant is so close only 10 minutes drive from the property. Enjoy the great view of the area by driving to nearby cities of Cripple Creek (14.9 miles), Victor (19.6 miles) and Woodland Park (16.9 miles). Also, be amaze…

    13 photos 21344 sq ft
  • 11 photos 5.025 acres

    A Tranquil 5.025 Acres of Land in Costilla County, Colorado. $ 6,497.00

    Enjoy Tranquil living in this 5.025 Acres property in Costilla County, CO. This parcel is situated in  1982 Yablon Rd, Fort Garland. North of this parcel is the  Fort Garland City 10.1 miles away. What’s more interesting with this parcel is that it has better road access which may result in lots of activities. There are also…

    11 photos 5.025 acres
  • 12 photos 22215 sq ft

    Easy to Access, Great Mountain Views in the Area $ 5,999.00

    New for sale property in Teller County, CO. Located in the town of Florissant. Surrounded with great panoramic views. Easy to access by paved to dirt road. So close to Colorado State Highway 67 and from there you can drive up to different towns and cities nearby. It is zoned as residential one zone district, it is…

    12 photos 22215 sq ft
  • 25 photos 0.62 acres

    Stunning Property in Colorado Mountain Estates with Great Access! $ 5,999.00

    Check out  this new for sale property located in the town of Florissant. Surrounded with stunning peak views. Easy to access by paved to dirt road. So close to Teller County Rd 1 and from there you can drive up to different towns and cities nearby. Enjoy the great views while driving to nearby cities and towns…

    25 photos 0.62 acres
  • 14 photos 0.70 acres

    Ready to Build Lot in Colorado: “Purchased through title” $ 5,999.00

    Live peacefully in this stunning lot in Florissant, Colorado near El Dorado Way. The area where the property is located is completely residential and it is a great place to relax and enjoy the Colorado beauty. When you travel east of the property, you’ll reach Dome Rock State Park Entrance. You can camp, hike and…

    14 photos 0.70 acres
  • 20 photos 217800 sq ft

    SOLD – 5 Acres Nature Haven in Costilla County, See the View of Mountains $ 4,999.00

    Welcome to Colorado, the state of Grand Canyon! Come in this stunning lot near Margo Avenue and be close to fun and adventure. In just a 29-minute drive from the property, you’re going to reach El Vallecito Restaurant where you’ll love some bunch of Creamy Green Enchiladas. This property offers panoramic mountain views and you can…

    20 photos 217800 sq ft
  • 12 photos 6098 sq ft

    Residential 0.14-Acre Lot Close to Colorado Springs! $ 4,999.00

    Stroll around this 0.14-acre of lot located in Cripple Creek, Colorado where you can simply live in peace. This property is located in a residential community where there are grocery stores, a casino, and many more! In just an hour and 6-minute drive, you will be able to reach the city of Colorado Springs. Located…

    12 photos 6098 sq ft
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