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  • 18 photos 5.29 acres

    5.29 Acres of land for sale in Costilla County, Colorado! $ 2,299.00

    Check out this 5.29 Acres of land for sale in Costilla County, Colorado! It is situated in Blanca, Colorado The property is wide vacant land located on the southern part of Colorado. There is Lu’s Main Street Cafe in the area, post office, and many more. It’s only 13 minutes drive to the highway, then you’ll have access…

    18 photos 5.29 acres

    Serene Property in Costilla County, CO! $ 2,497.00

    Settle in this 5.78 acres lot in Costilla County, CO. The nearest paved road is just 11 minute drive from the area. Just an 18 minute drive south from the area, you can reach the City of San Luis, CO. Where you can find various shops, restaurants, a gasoline station and much more. It´s a…

    28 photos
  • 12 photos 5.03 acres

    An Affordable 5.03-acre in Sanford, CO! $ 2,499.00

    If you are looking for the perfect place for your off-grid escape you have found the place! You can never go wrong with buying property here, with its amazing mountain views and some of the best properties for a peaceful off-grid living. Pack up the family and take a trip to Great Sand Dunes National…

    12 photos 5.03 acres
  • 12 photos 5.23 acres

    A Quiet Place to Live in Sanford, CO! $ 2,499.00

    Come take a look at the property that is shared with abundant wildlife! This 5.23-acre lot in Costilla County, Colorado with mountain views is situated in Sanford, Colorado. The property has easy road access. If you are looking for a place with peace and quiet, this is a great one! No neighbors nearby, so you…

    12 photos 5.23 acres
  • 27 photos 5.10 acres

    5 Acres For Sale in Rio Grande Ranches with Mountain Views $ 2,799.00

    Check out this 5.10 Acres of land for sale in  Costilla County, Colorado! This is located in the Rio Grande Ranches Subdivision. This is perfect for those who find peace living. You don’t have to worry about the access because there is a dirt road right on the property. Northeast of this property is the San…

    27 photos 5.10 acres
  • 11 photos 290545 sq ft

    Easy Access to this Cozy Land in Milford, Utah: Your Best Kind of Refuge! $ 2,999.00

    Commercial Agricultural Vacant land for sale in Millard County, UT. 6.67 acres. Less than 3hrs from Salt Lake City and less than 4hrs from Las Vegas, Nevada. This lot in Millard County, UT, is 19 miles southeast of the historic Cove Fort, which the prophet Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley and his family to come…

    11 photos 290545 sq ft
  • 15 photos 5.07 acres

    Prestigious 5.07 Acres Land! Now Available $ 2,999.00

    Take a look at this secluded 5.07 Acres lot located in Top of The World subdivision, Fort Garland, CO 81133, with great views of surrounding mountaintops. A short 40-minute drive will get you to Forbes Park. Having access to Forbes Park also allows you to enter the San Isabel National Forest, South Middle Creek State…

    15 photos 5.07 acres
  • 18 photos 6.03 acres

    Wide Open Space 6.03 acre Lot, Close to Fort Garland, Costilla County, CO! $ 2,999.00

    A wide open space of 6.03 Acres of Land for Sale in  Costilla County, Colorado that is perfect for those who find homestead living hostile. You don’t have to worry about the access because there is a paved road right on the property, just 12 minutes drive. North of this property is the Fort Garland, in just…

    18 photos 6.03 acres
  • 10 photos 7405 sq ft

    Lot Close to North Catamount Reservoir and South Catamount Reservoir $ 2,999.00

    A very affordable property located in Woodland Park, CO. Just a few miles downtown of Woodland Park where you can get gas and supplies. Enjoy the amazing views and mountain views in the area. Drive up to nearby cities and towns cause it’s very accesible. Visit the North Catamount Reservoir and South Catamount Reservoir just…

    10 photos 7405 sq ft
  • 30 photos 5.39 acres

    5.39 Wide Open Acres in Costilla County, CO! $ 3,199.00

    Have you ever wanted to build your own place in a warm, sunny place without ALL the hassle of figuring out the infrastructure? Enjoy a wide range of activities including fishing, hiking, winter sports, camping, and much more here in Costilla County! If you like to get outdoors, come camp on land you own free…

    30 photos 5.39 acres
  • 23 photos 0.21 acres

    A Tranquil Property in Teller County, CO! $ 3,997.00

    Todos hemos soñado con vivir en un lugar cómodo. Un lugar donde nuestra satisfacción cumple nuestras expectativas. Una propiedad que podría valer nuestras dificultades de inversión. Una parcela 0.21 acres está a la venta en 239 Osoeola Rd, Woodland Park sentado en el tranquilo parque del arbolado; La propiedad tiene acceso por carretera, cuenta con…

    23 photos 0.21 acres
  • 19 photos 8276 sq ft

    Enjoy 4x4ing 0.19 Acres of Land For Sale in Woodland Park Colorado! $ 3,999.00

    Settle up in this stunning property located miles of Woodland Park which has grocery stores, banks, restaurants, gas station and other neccesities you need. There are few nearby houses in the area. Easy to access by dirt road. A 20 minute ride to North Catamount Reservoir and South Catamount Reservoir which you can enjoy numbers…

    19 photos 8276 sq ft
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